Disc Golf Tips: Be The Best You Can Be

Disc golf is a great sport. It allows players to enjoy the game of golf in a new way. Instead of using a ball, they use discs that are thrown like Frisbees. The game is scored and has rules much like traditional ball golf. Here are some tips to be the best disc golf player possible.

The key to disc golf is the same as regular golf. You must be a good putter in order to succeed. In fact, putting is even more important in disc golf. Disc golfers need to be able to hit (more…)

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How disc golf is similar to frisbee

Learning more about how the sport of disc golf is played can give you the chance to enjoy all that this exciting sport has to offer. With rules that are very similar to traditional golf, and equipment that is much easier for beginner players to make use of, disk golf can offer players the chance to enjoy a challenging and rewarding game that may be much easier to learn than they may have thought. The skills and technique that novice players need out on the course can be easily (more…)

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The Green Valley Open in California will be held soon

On March 26 and 27, 2013, the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) will host the Green Valley open in Yucaipa, California. Nearly 150 players will participate, challenging each other for a grand prize of over 2,000.

Sixteen men will participate in the Men’s Open Division, including Bobby Musick, Steve Rico, Kyle Eckmann, Mike Brown, Tommy Eckmann, Joel “Juice Maker” Hall, Matt Hibben, J. Davis Massey-Miller, John Rae, Christopher Horn, Clint Tompkins, Carl Renda, Paul Walker, Gabriel Valero, Manuel Memo Chacon and Philo Brathwaite.

Three women will compete in their Open Division, including Indigo Brude, Suzette Simons and Emina Weaver. (more…)

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In what year did this game begin

The growing popularity of disc golf has lead some to assume that the sport itself has only been around for a short time. It may surprise you to learn that the first instances of disc golf can be traced as far back as nine decades. The simplicity of the game and the ease with which it is played makes pin pointing the first instances of the actual sport almost impossible, what is clear is that disc (more…)

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The 5 Great Techniques: Throwing The Disc

From a more accurate short range put to the longest side arm drive, the techniques and skills needed to get the most out of a disc golf game are an important issue for any player. Novices and those with no experience playing this game should concentrate on just a few basic throws and techniques. More experienced players who have no issues with driving, approaching and putting can begin to concentrate their practice efforts on any throws or styles that continue to prove problematic for them.

The number of techniques needed to begin playing are very (more…)

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What players will be playing in the Cranbury Classic

The Cranbury Classic is a series of events held at a city park called Cranbury Park in Norwalk, CT. The main attraction consist of what is referred to as Disc Golf, lead by the Professional Disc Golf Association on October 6, 2012.
What is Disc Golf?
Well, it is a lot like traditional golf but, instead of using a ball and clubs, you would use a flying disc(frisbee). Much like traditional golf you will have poled holes, but disc golf requires a metal basket a few feet off the ground as the ideal target. There are around 18 holes, (more…)

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How my son used courses to improve his game

The sport of disc golf is one that is simple to play, but challenging to master. Courses, videos and even professional instruction may all be helpful for players who wish to shave strokes off of their game and learn the skills and techniques to dominate any course. Players who invest the time and energy needed to master this sport may find that their efforts are able to give them the game they have always wanted.

With the same basic set of rules as (more…)

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Where do I find the rules for disc golf

Played, in many ways, just like conventional golf, disc golf can be a fun and rewarding sport that requires less initial investment than its more established cousin. Players are able to get started right away, rather than waste time and effort perfecting the basic skills needed to play. Just because it is easy to learn and the equipment comes at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay for a set of professional clubs, do not be fooled into thinking (more…)

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